Dental prostheses

As part of the implementation of one or more dental prostheses, there are several therapeutic alternatives. We can always find a solution based on your request (desired level of comfort, aesthetics, budget).

The dental prosthesis enables the replacement of one or more missing teeth. It can be fixed or removable. Whichever technique you choose we will offer you the best possible materials to guarantee you quality and importantly durable dental prosthesis!


This is a prosthesis that you can put in and take out. We are lucky to work with a laboratory that specialises in this area.

We work hand in hand throughout the making of your prosthesis in order to achieve a natural and effective result. We work together throughout the making of your prosthesis, and offer you a personalized fitting of the teeth in the chair. Changes are made immediately until you are satisfied with the result. We can discuss the shade, shape and alignment of your teeth.


Whether you have one or multiple teeth missing, it is possible to place fixed teeth. There exists different solutions. After a complete assessment of your situation we will propose the most appropriate solution.

Our prosthetist specializing in fixed prosthesis works within our practice. This allows us to offer you a personalized implementation (from the shade of your teeth to the aesthetic finish in the chair on the day of the placement of your teeth).

You have one tooth to be replaced

The placement of a dental implant is a good alternative to replacing your tooth without damaging the previous tooth as well as the next tooth (conventional bridge).

The procedure is completely painless. Depending on the clinical situation (aesthetic, biological and functional aspect) it is possible to set up a temporary tooth while your dental implant heals well (3 months on average). This temporary tooth is not made for functional but purely aesthetic purposes.

You have multiple teeth to replace in the same are

It is quite possible to use 2 implants as abutments / anchors for the placement of a bridge. This means that, for example, to replace 3 teeth only 2 implants may be sufficient (depending on the clinical situation).

As explained above, when the replacement concerns the cosmetic sector, it is possible to place temporary teeth.

You have multiple teeth to replace on an arch

It is possible to make a total prosthesis fixed on implants. No more invasive and uncomfortable removable prosthesis! Thanks to technical developments, it is now possible to leave our surgery with a fixed device stabilized on 4 to 6 implants in the lower jaw and 6 to 8 implants in the upper jaw.

Within our surgery, when the teeth visible in the smile are affected by the intervention, we will always provide a temporary solution. You can resume the course of your life quite serenely!

You will find more information in our implantology and immediate loading section

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