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Whitening techniques can be used to make natural teeth lighter.

Composite fillings, ceramic crowns and bridges are not whitened.

Various techniques can be effective, so it is important to choose a method that is suitable for you.

A devitalized tooth, for instance, can be treated using an internal whitening technique. Living teeth can by lightened using an external technique, usually starting with in-surgery treatment then supplemented by wearing a tray overnight.

The appropriate technique needs to be identified and fine-tuned to suit your teeth.
A clinical examination and an X-ray will be required to determine exactly what condition your teeth are in, and to choose the most appropriate technique.


The treatment will be performed in-surgery, and your gums will be protected with a surgical field.

It is very important to protect your gums and any exposed roots.
In most cases, the treatment will need to be reactivated every 18 to 24 months to maintain the resulting degree of whitening.

Some sensitivity may be experienced during the treatment. This can be mitigated by adjusting the concentration of the whitening agent, by applying it for shorter periods or by using fluorinated gels to calm temporary discomfort. During your treatment, you should avoid food and drink containing tannin, which causes stains (tobacco, tea, coffee, blueberries, curry, etc.).

Home kits for use without the supervision of a dental surgeon are available for sale on the internet, from beauticians and from chemists. Two types of products are sold:

  • Products that are not sufficiently concentrated, and therefore inactive and ineffective.
  • Products that are sufficiently or excessively concentrated, and are likely to attack your teeth, roots and gums if applied for too long or without adequate protection.

For treatment to be successful, it needs to be suitable for you. It will need to be fine-tuned, taking your sensations into account.

If a permanent result is what you want, minimally invasive prosthetic techniques are available. These involve ceramic veneers, which provide long-lasting results and allow the shape of the teeth to be harmonized.

Nowadays, using veneers, it is possible to “try on” your new smile to get an idea of what the result could look like.
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