What entails the fitting of a dental veneer?

The dental veneer, a long-lasting aesthetic tool

The most common tool used in dental aesthetics, the veneer is most commonly used to hide tinted or discoloured teeth, misaligned, cracked or teeth that may be slightly too short. It consists of a ceramic mould, which is then glued onto the surface of the tooth thus disguising any defect.

The veneer will therefore recreate a uniform dentition, white and smooth as well as keeping a perfectly natural look. The small and larger defects are erased; the patient regains a confident smile. The aim is to disguise dental imperfections instead of going through long and costly re-alignment processes.

What are the different stages of the fitting of a veneer?

The option of veneer fitting can come from either the patient or the dentist. During the first appointment following this decision, pictures and dental imprints are taken, in order to give as much information to the dental technician, which will be in charge of making the veneer. The appointment for the fitting of the veneer is usually given in a two week time frame.

During this time a temporary veneer can be fitted if needed. This step may be compulsory if the dentist has had to shape the tooth. On the contrary if a so called NO PREP veneer is used it is not necessary to have a temporary veneer fitted.

Let us add some detail: There are two families of veneers: the conventional and the NO PREP vaneers. For the conventional veneer it may be necessary to reshape slightly the original tooth. The NO PREP veneer, on the other hand, can be directly glued to the previously cleaned tooth.

A 6 month re-alignment treatment, with invisible gutters, maybe necessary in case of important dental overlapping, to regain a more uniform alignment. This can be an interesting option for those patients reluctant to having manual re-shaping of their teeth by the dentist. The guttering will enable a slow realignment of the teeth with no added intervention of the dentist.

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