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Disease prevention and Parodontology

Disease prevention

Under normal circumstances, more than 400 species of bacteria settle on the surface of our teeth and form a bio movie which we call the "dental plaque". If some of them are useful for our health, others, when their concentration becomes too important, cause infected caries or periodontal diseases. The disease prevention consists in transforming an aggressive dental plaque into a compatible dental plaque with a good oral health and, especially, in maintaining the mouth healthy. Of course, we shall help you to set up the most appropriate brushing techniques adapted to your personal situation.


The periodontal diseases are infections responsible for the loss of more than 50 % of teeth and touch near a person out of two in our countries. Bleedings, receding of gums, a bad breath, sensibilities (cold/warmth) can be the symptoms. The last studies show that the periodontal diseases are risk factors for our general health (diabetes, premature delivery, cardiovascular risk). The treatment consists first in stopping the evolution of the disease, then in maintaining a good periodontal health to avoid any further offenses.


Endodontic is a dentistry discipline which relatest to the treatment of the canals of the dental roots. We have state-of-the-art technical facilities and an operating microscope which allow us to realize classical treatments as well as the most complex ones. A quality endodontic treatment allows to save the natural teeth by restoring them to normal health. It is also the insurance of healthy foundations for a maximal longevity of the prostheses. A specialist of this technique intervenes in our cabinet for the treatment of the special cases: doctor Olivier EMERY.

Dental prostheses

Within the framework of the implementation of one or several dental prostheses, there are several therapeutic alternatives. We can always find a solution per your request (comfort level, aesthetic, budget). The dental prosthesis allows to replace one or several missing teeth. It can be fixed or removable: whatever technique you choose, we shall propose you the best possible materials to guarantee a good quality prosthesis and especially long lasting ones!

Preservative care

There are various techniques of dental reconstruction. We made the ecological choice not to use any more amalgam (since 1997). For small cavities, composites suit perfectly and are aesthetic. In case of voluminous cavity decay, it is necessary to use more solid and more stable materials for the long term: inlay or onlay for example. For cavities affecting the nerve it is on the other hand necessary to do a root canal. However, a devitalised tooth is extremely fragile. The split of the devitalised tooth and the "receding of gums" are the main causes of dental extraction. These teeth must be protected with a dental crown.


The use of the laser offers numerous possibilities of treatment which are very useful as a supplement to the conventional techniques.


The cases of teeth wear and bruxism can be taken care of and handled today. They are often the origin of headaches, crackles of the articulation, of migraines, pains behind the eyes. We can measure exactly the losses of height during these wears, so recreating a favourable and comfortable height for the muscles of the face.

Invisible orthodontics

Treatments using dental trays are possible today, to realize alignments of teeth without having to wear fix conventional devices.

Snoring and Sleep apnea

The situation can be improved by making and wearing dental trays at the night.

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